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Help needed to translate an android app
« il: 09 Agosto 2011, 06:51:17 CEST »
Hello all,

I am sorry not to speak Italian here and I apologize for that. I am a French programmer, living in Canada and I also speak Spanish, but not Italian.

I write to you as I would like some help to translate into Italian an application I wrote.

My name is Stephane NICOLAS. I am the author of Cinemadroid, an application that allows people to quickly search for movie showtimes at local movie theaters. Currently my application works in almost 15 countries and knows some success (around 10 000 downloads in android market in 4-5 months) in the US and some european countries like France, Spain...

I recently added Italy to the list of countries covered by the app and I would like some help to make it known, and appreciated by Italian users.

I would like to translate a few things, and I propose an evaluation of the time required to translate it. If you are interested in giving me a hand, it would be tremendously appreciated :

- the strings.xml file (1.5 hour)
- the short and long description on the market (1h)
- some advertizing text for forums (30 min)

Up to now, the app generates very few incomes only. A mere 40 $ in ads, and around 30 $ in paid licences. So I can't really afford to pay people but I would be glad to give you some credits in the help page of the app. After 2 000 hours on this program, I can't say I have much more.. :S

Cinemadroid is really super fast.
- It downloads all schedules for a given city,
- It has 4 servers to generate showtimes, so it's always up and running
- It has a simple yet effective UI to select movies, theaters,
- It features maps and widgets
- It can be used offline
- You can long click on items to get details like reviews for movies, addresses or web page for cinemas, etc...
- and I am besta testing a system of Quality Insurance for the results, based on some Artificial Intelligence to test validity of data returned to your android.

You can find Cinemadroid here to test it :

Thanks in advance,

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Re:Help needed to translate an android app
« Risposta #1 il: 13 Agosto 2011, 22:19:29 CEST »
Hi there, in our forum we have a special section (i moved you topic inside it) for who need help translating his app in Italian. All for free. You can just post your string.xml file (and in your case the others), probably someone will help you.

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Re:Help needed to translate an android app
« Risposta #2 il: 05 Settembre 2011, 20:01:07 CEST »
Ricky puoi chiudere, ho già provveduto io. :)
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